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The Path Less Obvious

Kaia and argue over which path to take, forgetting why they are less traveled. (1,600 words.)

That Time in the Dresser

The courage within— Within a dark, cramped wardrobe actually. (800 words.)

Days in Waiting
Homecoming Part IV

Rasmus seeks answers about his family, preferable to his sister's questions. (1,400 words.)

Penny for a Job
The Girl in the Woods Part I

Rasmus becomes distraught as the list of dangers surrounding their little village grows. Kaia’s fascination with the chained demon in the basement of the church doesn’t help. (1,900 words.)

Kaia and the Broken Witch
The Girl in the Woods Part III

In attempts to find a missing child, Kaia reaches out to a witch with a growing obsession with Rasmus. (2,000 words.)

Rasmus and the Parental Duty
The Girl in the Woods Part IV

Going straight to the source, Rasmus finds the horrific reality that he may be the only one who is actually seeking the lost girl. (1,900 words.)

Before They Notice We're Gone
The Girl in the Woods Part VIII

Shell-shocked and deathly pale, the lost little girl has been found, but no good deed goes unpunished. (1,800 words.)

Slavery for Hire
Chaining Nikodemos Part V

The Vampire Guild finally confronts Kaia and Rasmus face to face, but what the Kondori siblings most feared didn't consider what they most wanted. (1,600 words.)

An Honest Question of the Guild
Chaining Nikodemos Part VI

Confronted by the man who witnessed her transgressions and has her fate in his hands, Kaia does not go meekly into the night. (1,800 words.)

Two Billy Goats

A troll under a bridge demands sacrifice. (2,000 words.)

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