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The Stories of the Wyrd are episodic short stories following siblings, Rasmus and Kaia Kondori, as they weave a thin line between their world and a supernatural void that borders it. Fighting hobgoblins, ghosts, vampires, and the things creeping from the wilderness, their adventures range from dark horror to fairytale slapstick.

While I do not have regularly scheduled updates, usually a new story is posted once a month. Like me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter to be kept notified.

The short stories do not need to be read in any order, with a few caveats. There is the “Story Archs” section, which lists short stories that build off of each other. These are like television seasons, in which their setting or goals are tied together underneath the singular plot of the short story. Secondly, due to their nature, the stories do not follow proper protocol in certain areas. Each story should be satisfying and make sense on its own, but sometimes will skip over details a normal short story might provide upfront. I do not waste time with a lot of character description, I may make references to events unimportant to the story, and, in the cases of the plot following only one of the siblings, I tend to explain where the other has gone, despite them not having anything to do with the story itself. This means that, to a person just starting, it might feel weird that I introduced a character who isn’t important. I will also reference bigger picture things, often times as brand new introductions that no one, not even long term readers, know about yet. The stories are intended to be read once in a while as a mild distraction. (Of course, you’re welcome to break this rule and read them all. If you must.) If you haven’t read them all, you might feel like you’re missing something— You’re not.

Think of these stories like daily newspaper comics; there are story arcs, there are self-references that new readers won’t get, but mostly you don’t need to know what’s going on to understand and enjoy them.

I’ve organized the stories by length so a reader can come in for a quick minute distraction, or a few hours' waste of time. The story arcs, though still episodic, allow for a more traditional, longer read. They are also available chronologically (the dates they were written and chronologically from the character’s viewpoint), if you wanted to read them in a specific “intended” order. And if you fall in love with a specific character, I’ve separated them out just for you.

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